We provide following Data Collection Services:

Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Coating thickness measurement

Visual Inspection

Defect detection and measurement

3D model creation

Automatic Report Generation

Data analysis and post processing

Inspection Process


Finalize operational envelope

We determine the operational envelope and inspection parameters (Visual/mapping/UT) with your operation team for each asset. All conditions and limitations will be discussed, and a schedule will be finalized.


Perform data collection

Avestec highly qualified and trained robots’ operators bring a fleet of robots to your site for data collection. With minimal setup, the crew will gather all the required data for each asset according to the plan.


Present raw data

Our local server encrypts collected data. Using Avesoft ™, a brief report will be prepared on site and the results will be discussed with client.


Generate final report

After post processing and analysis of all data, we provide a full report including all images, videos, 3D models and surface analyses (e.g. UT)

What is included on the report?

  • A written job description and procedures
  • 3D model of asset
  • Complete visual inspection (HD-video and images)
  • AI-based defect analysis
  • UT results with graphs and analysis


Smart Tether Package (STS-A53)

Our tether package enables unlimited flight time without using any lithium battery. With 120Vac or 240Vac supply, our robot flys continuously. The drone-on-leash offers an unparalleled level of safety in an industrial site.

  • Unlimited flight time
  • Ultra-light micro tether cable
  • Automatic tension control
  • Industrial server for data capturing
  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Up to 3500W continuous power delivery

SKYRON™-Visual (VMS-53)

Our tethered visual drone is designed for interior and exterior inspections.

  • Unlimited flight time
  • Complete floor to ceiling inspection
  • High definition camera (video and still imaging)
  • Collision avoidance
  • Advanced lighting system
  • Intelligent software
  • Crack detection and measurement using machine learning
  • 3D modeling and 3D mapping for inside and outside


SKYRON UCS53 is a robotic tethered drone (patented technology) which offers complete non-destructive-testing inspection

  • Modular NDT sensors
    • Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) with couplant gel
    • Coating sensor
  • Patented design for manual and autonomous surface attachment
  • Surface cleaning with metal brush
  • 3D sensor movement (area UT measurement)
  • Realtime value and A-scan demonstration
  • Software controlled robotic movements
  • Remote controlled UT configuration
  • UT measurement on
    • Vertical surfaces
    • Floor
    • Ceiling

Avesoft™ Reporting Software

Avesoft simplifies the inspection process, improves accuracy and automates report generation

  • Data monitoring and recording (Flight & Inspection)
  • Real time result presentation
  • Automatic report generation
  • Cloud-based data storage and analysis

Why choose us?

Avestec offers Intelligent Robotic Solutions for asset inspection in a verity of industries including oil & gas, mining, chemical and so on.

Reduce Costs/Downtime

Avestec robotic inspection significantly relaxes preparation and safety requirements while facilitating access to hard-to-reach spaces and accelerates the inspection procedure.

No humans at risk

Avestec technologies offers modular sensory technology which enables different types of remotely operated inspections including visual, surface profile, coating and wall thickness.

Fulfill API standards

Meet American Petroleum Institute standards for inspection and maintenance of tanks, pressure vessels and equipment.

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Crack detection system



Pre operation

Safety check


Realtime graph generation


Confine space


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Pilot and Inspector


Automatic report generation

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